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This site is dedicated to my hand -crafted jewelry. I use Sterling Silver as well as high quality  hand-picked stones to enhance my rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets.


Repurposing found objects has become the recent focus of my designs. I am cutting up old porcelain plates and setting vintage cufflinks and buttons, giving my work a distinctive and one-of-a-kind look.


Please enjoy my site and feel free to email me with any questions.

thanks , Shano



In the winter of 1973 I found myself digging rocks in the desert outside Tucson , AZ . My buddy Greg introduced me to prospecting and cutting stone cabochons from the natural minerals.

The following spring while selling my stones at a Tucson street fair , I met my jeweler friend Neil . In exchange for some of my cut stones he  taught me how to make my first ring in silver. Forty -five years later I realize that was my only lesson in silversmithing.


The very next week I found myself hitchhiking to San Francisco  to become  a street artist by Fisherman's Wharf. My first showcase was a Volkswagen windshield I pulled from a dumpster.

I am a self-taught jeweler working in precious metal  and stones . Several years back with the help of my friend and colleague Tom Finneran , we started cutting up old porcelain dishes as well as vintage glass ,buttons and found objects to bezel set into my pieces.


Working with sheet and wire , I use an acetylene torch and various hand tools to construct my pieces. 

My work can be seen at Fine Art Shows across America as well as my E-Commerce sites

I never considered myself a jeweler , I just got very comfortable at expressing myself through this medium . Somehow the " Merchant Monk" part becomes secondary . As time passes ,I realize on a deeper level this is my path of making a heart to heart connection with you all.   

love, Shano

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